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Evolved stars (RSG, AGB)


Stellar surface maps of evolved stars (RSG and AGB) computed from a 3d hydrodynamical simulation with CO5BOLD-OPTIM3D. For the moment, the available model corresponds to a star similar to the famous RSG Betelgeuse: effective temperature \(T_{\text{eff}} = 3490~\text{K}\), stellar radius \(R = 832 R_\odot\), luminosity \(L = 93000 L_\odot\) (the full list of parameters is given in the header of the output fits files). The user can change the stellar distance and the wavelength range and resolution of the model intensity maps.

Sample output file (.fits)

The Evolved stars (RSG, AGB) model was created by A. Chiavassa.

It is described in the following articles:

  • Radiative hydrodynamics simulations of red supergiant stars. I. interpretation of interferometric observations
    A. Chiavassa, B. Plez, E. Josselin and B. Freytag
    A&A 506 (3), 1351-1365 (2009)
    DOI | ads
  • Radiative hydrodynamics simulations of red supergiant stars. IV. Gray versus non-gray opacities
    A. Chiavassa, B. Freytag, T. Masseron and B. Plez
    A&A 535, A22, 14 (2011)
    DOI | ads

AMHRA's Evolved stars (RSG, AGB) service can be acknowledged by:

  • Mentioning “This research has made use of the Jean-Marie Mariotti Center (JMMC) — MOIO AMHRA service at https://amhra.jmmc.fr/.”
  • And citing the two articles above.

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