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OIFits modeler


This data analysis tool takes as input OIFits files containing real interferometric observations and creates new OIFits files, which are clones of the inputs, but where the original interferometric observables (e.g. squared visibilities, closure phases, differential amplitudes and phases) are replaced by simulated values computed from the user-provided input model image (intensity maps). These images can for example be those obtained from the various AMHRA models. The interferometric observables are computed using the same routines as the ASPRO2 tool from JMMC/MOIO (v24.03.1). The output OIFits files can then be directly compared (e.g. with the OIFitsExplorer tool) to the input ones; χ2 values for the different observables can also be included in the fits headers.

The OIFits modeler was created by A. Domiciano de Souza.

The file format is described in the following reference:

  • OIFITS 2: the 2nd version of the data exchange standard for optical interferometry
    G. Duvert, J. Young and C. A. Hummel
    A&A 597, A8 (2017)
    DOI | ads

To simulate observables, the modeler uses routines from ASPRO2. See the ASPRO2 documentation for more details.

AMHRA's OIFits modeler service can be acknowledged by:

  • Mentioning “This research has made use of the Jean-Marie Mariotti Center (JMMC) — MOIO AMHRA service at https://amhra.jmmc.fr/.”
  • And citing the OIFits reference above.

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