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Supergiant B[e] with HDUST


Grid of models for B[e] supergiant stars computed with the 3d Monte Carlo radiative transfer code HDUST. The non-spherical circumstellar envelope (CSE), composed of gas (hydrogen) and dust (silicate), is modelled considering a bimodal outflow description (two-component wind): fast and low density in the polar regions and slower and high density in the equatorial regions. Dust is allowed to exist only in the denser equatorial regions (defined by a dust opening angle) and only beyond the sublimation radius. The grid was computed for several combinations of model parameters and cover many wavelengths in the near- and mid-IR domains, with a more detailed sampling of the Br gamma line.

Download the whole grid (.zip, 4.1 GB)

The Supergiant B[e] with HDUST model was created by A. Domiciano de Souza.

It is described in the following references:

  • Grid of Supergiant B[e] Models from HDUST Radiative Transfer
    A. Domiciano de Souza and A. C. Carciofi
    in Circumstellar Dynamics at High Resolution
    A. Carciofi and Th. Rivinius eds.
    ASP Conference Proceedings 464, 149 (2012)
  • Non-LTE Monte Carlo Radiative Transfer. I. The Thermal Properties of Keplerian Disks around Classical Be Stars
    A. C. Carciofi and J. E. Bjorkman
    ApJ 639 (2), 1081-1094 (2006)
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AMHRA's Supergiant B[e] with HDUST service can be acknowledged by:

  • Mentioning “This research has made use of the Jean-Marie Mariotti Center (JMMC) — MOIO AMHRA service at https://amhra.jmmc.fr/.”
  • And citing the two references above.

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