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AMHRA (Analyse et Modélisation en Haute Résolution Angulaire; responsable: A. Domiciano)
is a working group of MOIO/JMMC.

AMHRA is supported by the Observatoire de la Côte d'Azur (OCA) through the DOMINO expertise center.

The main objective of AMHRA is to develop and/or provide astrophysical models and data analysis tools dedicated to the scientific exploitation of high angular and high spectral facilities (in particular ESO-VLTI instruments) by the astronomical community, including non-specialists in interferometry.

Several tools are offered to the user that seeks to prepare, model, and analyze interferometric observations, notably those from the second generation of VLTI instruments (GRAVITY and MATISSE), which provide unprecedented capabilities on high spectral and spatial resolution.
A full desciption of AMHRA and references are provided here.

The different types of tools offered or to be offered by AMHRA are:

  • Polychromatic images from astrophysical models with fast-computation time (real-time models)
  • Polychromatic images from a pre-calculated grid of astrophysical models
  • Spectro-interferometric observables from model images (OIFITSModeler)
  • Analysis and model-fitting tools for spectro-interferometry

Photo credit : European Southern Observatory

Real Time astrophysical models

Kinematic Be Disk
Disc and Stellar Continuum (DISCO)
Evolved stars(RSG,AGB)
Binary Spiral Model

Pre-calculated grids of astrophysical models

Supergiant B[e] with HDUST
Limb-darkening with Satlas

Analysis and model-fitting tools

OIFits Modeler